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There are many levels of the sleep cycle, and REM sleep is one of the most important. It is important that you go through all of the levels of the sleep cycle in order to ensure your best productive days. REM sleep is thought to be essential to the sleep cycle, and should be experienced each time that you sleep.

During the REM stage of the sleep cycle is when most of your dreams occur. Your muscles are “paralyzed” during this sleep stage. Most adults spend about two hours in the REM sleep cycle, while young infants remain in this stage much longer. Many of the activities that occur in your brain during this stage relate to learning. Experts in the field of sleep studies have learned that REM sleep is essential to learning. In studies, it was found that depriving one of the REM sleep cycle prevents one from remembering a newly learned skill.

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement, and properly describes this sleep stage. During this period of sleep the eyes move rapidly, and breathing is more rapid. The body’s muscles are paralyzed during this sleep stage, and the brain is busy at work. There is also an increase in the heart rate and a rise in blood pressure.

It is during the REM sleep stage that most dreaming occurs. There is a rare, but serious disorder in which a person will physically act out his or her dreams if awoken during this cycle of sleep. If awoken during this time, many people can remember their dreams more vividly than they would if they continued to sleep after the REM sleep cycle ended.

REM sleep is necessary for the brain to function properly. Attaining this dreaming stage of sleep is essential to the mental state. A lack of proper sleep will result in lowered productivity. The immune system is also dependent on efficient sleep. Without ample sleep, the immune system is suppressed, resulting in frequent sickness.

Because it is important for the body to enter the REM sleep stage, it is essential that you make sure you allow time for plenty of sleep. You should also make your sleeping environment comfortable and peaceful. Keeping your bedroom neat and clean is a great place to start, along with having comfortable bedding. Your mattress should offer sufficient support, allowing you to have comfort throughout the night.

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